"Kevin's fitness sessions are excellent. There's a good variety in the exercises and thorough warm ups and warm downs. He's passionate about training and fitness and is extremely knowledgeable about it. It's made a big difference to my fitness and endurance."
Kath Johnson, 1992 Olympic Bronze Medallist,
GB Women's Hockey Team.
"As a person who has done little exercise in the past 20 years, at the age of 42 I had agreed to run the 2010 London Marathon for Charity, I took on Kevin's expertise and found him a massive help, from the very first session Kevin was adamant that he could prepare me to run 26 miles, at that time I couldn't do 100 yards , he put together my training schedule and dietary requirements, he has great patience and I always felt at ease in asking any questions.
"I enjoyed the training and how my body was positively reacting to a new lease of life, Kevin showed great support and without him i don't think I could have proudly crossed the winning line ,I would recommend Kevin 100% to anybody of any standard that just wants to better themselves."
Simon Oakley
London Marathon Runner 2010.
"Simply put fantastic!
Kevin immediately understood the goals I wanted to achieve and created a weekly workout plan which started to pay dividends in three weeks.
Over the previous five months I have lost around a twenty five pounds, dropped a jean size and my overall build is markedly improved without being over the top.
My agility, balance, flexibility and stamina have improved beyond recognition.
I have complete faith in each element of a sessions, Kevin regularly asks how the particular exercise feels and will offer an alternative grip or position to avoid discomfort or strain.
Well done Kevin, keep up the good work!"
Burnham Market

"A couple of months after i finished treatment for breast cancer, I decided I needed to find a way to get my health and fitness back on track.   

I found Kevin's website after searching for local trainers and we met to discuss my aims. I have never been a runner, but wanted something I could do for free and in the fresh air and Kevin assured me that whatever level i was starting at i could achieve this and I would become Kathy the runner!   He recommended a goal to aim towards and this year I ran, yes ran, the Cambridge 5k race for life.   

I know that without Kevin's careful and thorough planning, expertise and encouragement it's unlikely I would have stuck to a program, it's hard work, but having a personal training session once a week kept me focused and Kevin was available in between when I needed extra encouragement.   

I cant recommend Kevin highly enough, he made a runner out of me!  "

Downham Market
Race for Life Runner

"Connor really enjoyed the fun sessions and he also learned about the importance of exercise while participating.   

As a parent I felt good in the knowledge that Connor was out having fun and not sitting indoors watching TV or playing computer games. Since the sessions started, Connor has shown a greater interest in physical exercise and now also does karate. It's got my son interested and motivated in exercise."   

King's Lynn


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